Together, we bring care to your patients.

An overview of the Luscii app on tablet and phone

Nobody wants to go to the hospital unnecessarily. But healthcare professionals still want to keep an eye on the well-being of their patients. We dream of a world in which staying at home and expert supervision go hand in hand. That’s why we created Luscii home monitoring. Luscii is an international company, named after our source of inspiration, Florence Nightingale.

At Luscii, we envision an active role for patients in their care and health. With Luscii home monitoring, they measure their own vital values at home and answer questions about their well-being. Tailor-made interactive education offers them guidance in daily life.

Does a patient require medical attention? The artificial intelligence of our Clinical Engine* supports and alerts healthcare providers. Contact is easily established via a message or a video connection. The Luscii app is naturally integrated into the electronic medical record.

A patient using the Luscii app for home monitoring
A patient measuring her blood pressure with the help of her grand daugher

This is the future of our care. Patients, young and old, are very satisfied. Luscii helps healthcare providers target the patients who need their attention most. Taking the first step towards this modern care? We help you get started with our versatile team. Together, we bring care to your patients.

Home monitoring Spotlight

A drawing of a cartoon lung


Follow-up for COVID-19 positive patients after (ICU)admission to the hospital.

Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital

A drawing of a happy bone


Monitor the patient before and after the surgery, which provides the opportunity to signal and address problems in time.

St. Maartenskliniek

A drawing of a pain questionnaire


Follow-up on pain / nausea after surgery so patient drive their follow-up themselves