Finally, more time for real care. Anytime, anywhere.

Luscii, the most successful remote patient monitoring platform in Europe and Africa.
Cleverly creating space for care: doctors and nurses can give patients the time and attention they deserve.

Developed with doctors

Developed with top doctors

4.6_ reviews

4.5* reviews

Prix Galien Award

Prix Galien Award

Proven effective

Proven effective

Why Luscii remote patient monitoring?

Simple: the most user-friendly remote care option.

With the Luscii app, patients take their own measurements at home and report on their well-being. They receive self-care tips and educational animations about how to deal with their condition. And if necessary, direct contact is available via chat or video link.

A nurse and patient looking at Luscii

Smart: Luscii takes the work off your hands.

Measurements are taken by patients, leaving you with more time. But not only that. Our smart app analyses data, identifies risks and alerts you as a healthcare professional when action is required. Simply within your existing EPD, hassle free.

A patient measuring his blood pressure

Safe: validated and certified.

Luscii vitals is clinically validated, CE-certified as a Class IIa medical device, and has been designed alongside reputed physicians for more than 40 care paths. Patients, young and old, award Luscii 4.5 out of 5 stars. Caregivers give 4.1 out of 5 stars.

An e-Nurse calling with a patient

Healthcare is all about people. And this is precisely what we don’t have.

You want to be the best doctor or nurse you can be. But do you often get the feeling there isn’t enough time to give your patients the attention they need? Completely understandable. The growing shortage of caregivers is already a problem. And the workload is only getting worse.

You can’t hire more people. There aren’t any. And prevention only delivers in the long term. With the ageing population and care postponed due to corona, doing nothing is not an option. Your working days will only get longer. And burnout among caregivers has become the new norm.

What if we could offer a way to save you time and provide better care for your patient? Then you’d have time for those who really need it. And you could give those patients your full attention. This is the reason we developed Luscii. To support you in any way we can.

Start effortlessly with Luscii telemonitoring. Follow in the footsteps of thousands of healthcare professionals before you.

our library

STEP 1: search the Luscii Library

Our library is stacked with Luscii telemonitoring programmes for over 40 care paths. They have been developed by doctors and nurses and tested in the field. Find out whether a programme is already available for your area of expertise.

start with one click

STEP 2: explore Luscii

If your care path is available and your hospital uses Luscii, you can get started with one easy click. Try Luscii out for free with your colleagues or patients. Find out how easy it really is.


STEP 3: go live

Need help with scaling up, such as information on reimbursement or integrating Luscii into your EPD? We can arrange a video chat with one of our experts to discuss how Luscii fits into your day-to-day care.

Easily configure new programs

STEP 4: evolve

If you’re happy with the way things work, we’ll help you scale up to all your patients. Do you have ideas for Luscii programmes that aren’t yet in the Library? Perfect! We will continue to develop Luscii together.

More than 20 million registrations already. The most successful remote patient monitoring app in Europe and Africa.

“Luscii is really easy, I started using it without any help”

– Mr van den Eijnden (patiënt, 74 jaar)

“With Luscii telemonitoring, the time and expertise of every caregiver is used in the best possible way”

– Monique Kappert (Quality and Innovation Manager)

“The best thing about Luscii remote patient monitoring is the convenience. It gives me peace of mind to know someone is keeping an eye on my measurements”

– Kees Ruigrok (patiënt, 71 jaar)

“Thanks to Luscii, the patient can recuperate in their own environment and a hospital bed is freed up for another patient”

– Susan van Maren (casemanager)

“By using Luscii, my hospital is moving with the times. Which is the way it should be”

– Josien van Essen (patiënt)

“Luscii offers my patients guidance at home with plenty of attention on coaching”

– Dr. Rachel West, (Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland ziekenhuis)

“Care from a distance actually feels like care close by. People experience it as very safe, easy and personal”

– Dr. Tim Schreuder (Gastroenterologist)

“Thanks to the 40 programmes that Luscii telemonitoring already offers, we have solutions for our entire hospital in one platform”

– Dr. Anneke van Veen (CMIO-eHealth)

“Because remote patient monitoring with Luscii is reimbursed by the insurer, we can carry on with our work and prepare ourselves for the next wave of heart failure patients”

– Erica Stoer (nurse specialist)

“The real value lies in the fact that I can react faster to changes in my patient’s condition. My ultimate dream is to get all my patients on this app”

– Jolanda Dijst (nurse specialist)

Dozens of hospitals are using Luscii for better care. Just like in Amsterdam.

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Thanks to Luscii, significant space for care has been created. We calculated how much:

Space for care created by using Luscii:





Choose your care path in the Luscii Library today and start using remote patient monitoring too.

Luscii remote patient monitoring already features 40 care paths that you can try out for free at the push of a button. Experience the convenience of Luscii remote patient monitoring in just 5 minutes. No IT knowledge required whatsoever.

Clinical research proves that Luscii prevents outpatient visits and unnecessary admissions.


fewer physical consultations and fewer telephone consultations (Internal study OLVG, 2021)


fewer GP visits and 58% fewer emergency room visits (Internal study NHS Sunderland, 2021)


reduction in hospital admissions and significant reduction in bed days (Slingeland Hospital: van der Burg et al., 2020)


reduction in costs for maternity care after deduction of the costs for Luscii Home Measurement (UMC Utrecht: van den Heuvel et al., 2021)


of patients consider Luscii Home Measurement user-friendly (Antonius Hospital: Grutters et al., 2021)

There are already 40 Luscii remote patient monitoring programmes. The following 3 are currently in the spotlight. Take a look.

LONG covid


Follow-up for COVID-19 positive patients after (ICU)admission to the hospital.

Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital



Monitor the patient before and after the surgery, which provides the opportunity to signal and address problems in time.

St. Maartenskliniek



Telemonitoring of symptoms of women during the menopausal transition before and after consultation and providing educational …