Luscii is here to support you!

Luscii – pronounced Lucy – is a digital health platform created to support you in the daily care of your patients. With Luscii apps, you can monitor your patients at home and communicate with them remotely. Luscii is available for patients and care professionals in hospitals and community care.

Luscii vitals
For hospitals

With Luscii, you can create a virtual clinic. Use Luscii to monitor your patients, intervene at the right moment and create the best possible care experience.

For community care

Use Luscii to communicate with patients without the need to travel. Senior friendly and secure. Luscii lets you provide videocare that is so simple, everyone loves it!

For patients

Luscii is available on prescription in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Most of the time, fully reimbursed. Find out where and how to get Luscii.

The team behind Luscii

Today’s world is digital and mobile. We believe that healthcare should benefit from this revolution too. By creating Luscii, the most intuitive, secure and easy to use digital health platform, we want to help you and your patients achieve just that. So you can provide the right care, at the right time, at the right place. 

Luscii’s world

Revolutionising healthcare is exciting. Doctors, nurses and patients help to create Luscii. Read their personal stories and learn how they are changing the world of thousands of patients every day.

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