An app on prescription.

As a patient, how does it feel to constantly have to go to the hospital for check-ups? Even though you are feeling pretty good? And how nice would it be to have direct contact with your healthcare providers if things aren’t going so well at home?

With the Luscii app, you can answer questions about your well-being from home. And if necessary, you can take your own measurements, such as your blood pressure or temperature. Do you need medical attention? The artificial intelligence of our Luscii vitals, our Clinical Engine, supports and alerts your healthcare providers. Contact is easily established via a message or a video connection. Our mission is to make the Luscii app available to every patient.

A personal care coach in three steps.

A personal care coach in three steps.

  1. Your healthcare provider will prescribe Luscii. Do you need home measuring equipment? We will deliver it to your address at lightning speed.
  2. You install the Luscii app on your smartphone or tablet. We will be happy to help you, if necessary. In some cases, iPads are available on loan.
  3. You can begin with home measurement. With the built-in messaging service and video connection, you can have direct contact with your healthcare providers.

For young. And for old.

Hospitals support all kinds of patients with the help of Luscii. If you suffer from COPD, heart failure or atrial fibrillation. But also, if you have undergone major surgery, have diabetes or have high blood pressure during pregnancy. Healthcare providers always adjust Luscii to your personal situation.

For young. And for old.

Get a grip on your COPD.

Having a lung attack is terrible.With the help of Luscii your healthcare providers are immediately informed when you experience the first symptoms. And, as a COPD patient, you also learn what you can do yourself if your symptoms suddenly get worse. A COPD self management plan plays an important role in this. Here you can read how All Together Better Sunderland uses the Luscii app to help people with COPD gain back control over their lives. 

When you’re afraid of corona.
During your pregnancy.

During your pregnancy.

As many as twenty thousand women suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy every year. Some even have to visit the hospital every day, which is extremely inconvenient. Luscii allows blood pressure to be measured from home. Optimal control and less stress.

Is Luscii available for me too?

Luscii is currently available in six countries, including the Netherlands, England, Ireland and Ghana. Would you, as a patient, like to know which hospital uses Luscii in your area? Fill in the form and we will be happy to help.

Is Luscii available for me?