luscii for patients

An app on prescription.

What’s it like to have to visit the hospital all the time for check ups? Even when you’re feeling pretty good? And how nice would it be to have direct contact at home if things aren’t going as well?

The Luscii app allows caregivers to keep track of your well-being. Wherever you are. Freedom when things are going well. Safety when you need it: anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Our mission is to make Luscii available to all patients.

warm care

Home measurements.
More control over your life.

The Luscii app lets you communicate how you feel. And if necessary, you can take measurements yourself, such as your blood pressure or temperature. In addition, you will receive easily accessible information that can help make life more pleasant. This makes you less dependent on the hospital and gives you more control over your life. And if things are not going well? Luscii will let your caregivers know immediately.

A personal care coach in three steps.

  1. Your healthcare provider prescribes Luscii. The package, with easy to use home measuring equipment, is delivered to you in no time 
  2. You install the Luscii app on your smartphone or tablet. We are happy to help you if necessary. Sometimes it is possible to get an iPad on loan.
  3. You can start measuring at home. With the built-in messaging service and video connection, you can have direct contact with your caregivers. Convenient and safe.

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For young. And for old.

In the Netherlands Luscii is best known for The Corona Check, the app that provided guidance during the corona epidemic. But we support all kinds of people in several countries. If you suffer from COPD, heart failure or atrial fibrillation. But also if you have had major surgery or high blood pressure during pregnancy. Caregivers always tailor Luscii to your personal situation.

Wanneer? Bij een hart- ziekte bijvoorbeeld.

For you, if you have COPD

People with COPD have less energy. A check up appointment in the hospital is therefore extremely strenuous. With the Luscii app, the patient simply reports from home how things are going. And if help is needed, a video connection with a trusted caregiver is easily arranged.

During your pregnancy.

As many as twenty thousand women in the Netherlands suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy every year. Sometimes they even have to go to the hospital every day, which is naturally very stressful. Luscii makes it possible to measure blood pressure from home. Optimal control and less stress.

Extra veiligheid? Tijdens een zwangerschap bijvoorbeeld.
Wanneer? Bij een hart- ziekte bijvoorbeeld.

When you’re afraid of corona.

Coughing, high temperature, sore throat, could it be corona? With The Corona Check, concerned citizens in several European and African countries can report their health complaints daily via the Luscii app. If there is reason to do so, an expert will personally contact you to further assess the situation. A safe feeling, without having to leave the house.

Is Luscii available for me too?

Luscii is currently available in six countries, including the Netherlands, England, Ireland and Ghana. Would you like to know which hospital uses Luscii in your area? Fill in the form and we will be happy to help.

Is Luscii available for me?