Share what you create.

Instantly use what already exists

Making an impact is something you do together. Once you have created a new care path, it becomes available in the Luscii Library for hospitals across the world. And your organisation can start working instantly with all the programs created by colleagues far and wide. This is how we can rapidly organise future-proof hospital care, together.

Luscii Library.

There are now more than thirty Luscii programs that can be put to use throughout your hospital. From COPD to macular degeneration. From heart failure to menopause. And all that via just one app. Curious to see what’s on offer? Feel free to take a look.

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Develop your own care path.

Are we missing a suitable program for your patients? Then create your own Luscii care path. The only thing you need is an understanding of care. We will build the app for you and help your team set up the care path.

  • Select measuring instruments and thresholds
  • Determine when your team should receive alerts
  • Add inspiring education and coaching
  • Publish your care path in the Luscii Library

Collaborate with colleagues worldwide.

Luscii hospitals regularly exchange knowledge and experience with one another. Even with colleagues from England or Africa. This close-knit network has sparked wonderful collaborations. Such as Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Franciscus Gasthuis en Vlietland and OLVG, who together developed an innovative Luscii care path for people with IBD.

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Dare to dream. Dare to start.

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital dreams of a region with the highest health rating in the Netherlands. It has opted for hospital-wide implementation of the Luscii App and actively involves GPs in remote monitoring. Want to know more about the JBZ’s regional approach using Luscii’s help? Check out the case study and get inspired!